We are a community of innovators and change agents focused on empowering and mobilizing entrepreneurs to solve social issues in The City.


Our unique environment and purpose-oriented mission creates a Sacramento social impact "culture" like no other. Connect with other like-minded individuals either,  physically in our co-working space or virtually through our Social Media platforms, to find collaborative, innovative, and impactful solutions to social issues. At The E49 Hub for City Impact we are focused on unleashing innovative entrepreneurs of faith, women, urban and Social Entrepreneurs all working together to solve social issues in our City. 



An innovative idea is nothing if you don't do something about it! What makes our space unique is that we are working daily on how to execute your ideas. Yes, we can help you cultivate, refine and launch. But that's the easy part! We want your idea to become a sustainable solution to social issues like Homelessness, Poverty, Recidivism, Sex Trafficking, Foster Care and Racial Reconciliation. But we don't want to just talk about it, we want to empower and support you to Do Something!



Every movement starts with an idea. E49 Corp. and the With Purpose Incubator is for entrepreneurs and start up's who want to affect positive social change. Social enterprises like Compassion Village were born out of The E49 Hub's focus on innovative solutions to local humanitarian issues.

Sign up for a free workshop, or simply bring us your
ideas and let's see where we can take them! 



Innovative ideas and hard work mean nothing if they don't have a positive impact on the people around us. Execution separates good organizations from great. Thousands of people have been touched by for profit, nonprofit, churches and social enterprises that started at The E49 Hub for City Impact. Bring your ideas, put them to work, and see how they can impact the local community and beyond!

Build collaborative strategies within your organization, team or group in your choice of date and settings. 

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